Tec Vanlife

Tec Vanlife is formerly known as Tec Industry & Tomato RV services.

Tec Industry: Specialize in Expedition Truck (Unimog & 6x6 MAN) up-fitting.

Tomato RV services: Class A/B/C RVs service & repairs.

After worked on thousands of recreation vehicles, we decided to become a full time camper van conversion shop, because:

  • #vanlife is a form of adventure tourism that involves a van that is livable and self-sustained that can access remote areas to recreate in.

  • #vanlife is a converted motor vehicle that can be used as a full-time home or a recreational vehicle (i.e., some people are weekend warriors, some people are short-term adventurers and some people are full-time travellers).

  • #vanlife is a sub-culture of nomadic individuals who are embracing minimalism on a journey to reassess what is truly important for a happy and balanced life.

  • #vanlife is a form of ecotourism or eco-friendly living by goals to reduce carbon emission (i.e., by using solar panels, living a minimalistic lifestyle and reducing waste).

  • #vanlife is a social movement to try and get people more motivated to make small changes in their life to lessen these resource and energy demands.

Tec Vanlife Shops

At Tec Vanlife, we have our own wood work shop and aluminum fabrication shop, we do all the skilled work in house. We oversea every detail of our of our employee's work from design to manufacturer to ensure the highest quality.

  • Cabinetry Shop

Cabinetry is a big part of the van conversion job, we do all cabinetry work such as wardrobe, overhead cabinets, galley kitchen unit in our own cabinetry shop.

  • Aluminum Fabrication Shop

Our Aluminum Fabrication Shop produce Tec Vanlife Roof racks, Tec Vanlife L-tracks and special skeleton for custom van conversions.

  • Tec Shop

Assembly shop where we turn a bare cargo van into a capable off grid rig.

Tec Van life team leaders


Senior Project manager, mechanical & electrical engineer with 35+ years experience.


Interior designer, stunt driver, helicopter maintenance engineer, mechanical engineer.